Sustainability Report 2013/2014


It takes profound insight – particularly for a listed company – to move away from the primacy of purely economic performance towards more broadly defined measures of success. This insight must be established across all interest groups, from the management to the shareholders to the employees. Namely, the insight that companies like the Telekom Austria Group have a multi-faceted role to play at a social and environmental level. And it takes the farsightedness to recognise that a company's own chances of economic success can only be secured in the long term by making an active and valuable social contribution.

The Telekom Austria Group already identified the action areas in which it can make a specific contribution of this kind in a materiality analysis back in 2012. The initiatives currently under way and the progress being made are described in the relevant main chapters of this sustainability report, produced in the style of a magazine (“Providing Responsible Products”, “Living Green”, “Empowering People”, “Creating Equal Opportunities”).

As such, this publication also offers you, its readers, insights in terms of the transparent disclosure of the Telekom Austria Group's sustainability concept and management. In the interview with the management board, you can find out which beliefs and objectives motivate the management.

Because observations from different perspectives often lead to inspiring insights, we not only let voices from within the company have a say – such as Compliance Officer Martin Walter on the successful certification of the Telekom Austria Group's compliance management system and his next objectives (Commentary Martin Walter: „Mission accomplished?“). Or Group Chief HR Officer Silvia Buchinger on equal development opportunities for employees and other aspects of diversity in action within the Group (Commentary Silvia Buchinger: „A balanced give and take“).

Insights and views from an external perspective are provided by specialists such as the renowned meteorologist and climate researcher Helga Kromp-Kolb in her expert commentary on global challenges and approaches for climate protection (Guest Commentary Helga Kromp-Kolb: „Climate change — what do we need to do?“). And in his editorial, Franz Josef Radermacher, Member of the Club of Rome, Director of the Research Institute for Applied Knowledge Processing and Professor of Informatics at Ulm University, explains why sustainability is not only worthwhile for companies but is also increasingly necessary to gain legitimacy for participation on the markets (Leading Article F. J. Radermacher: „Is sustainability worthwhile for companies?“).

Whether and to what extent a company can create and maintain value in the longer term – “sustainably”, so to speak – is therefore becoming an increasing focus of corporate reporting. A possible reorientation with a uniform global framework for end-to-end – but also simplified and streamlined – reporting in this sense (“integrated reporting”) is discussed by the auditor and Senior Partner of PwC Austria, Aslan Milla, in his guest article (Guest Commentary Aslan Milla: „Who’s expected to read it all anyway?“).

We hope this “sustainability magazine” will encourage you to delve into the the “colourful” world of sustainability at the Telekom Austria Group, and wish you many interesting insights.

The editorial team